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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Massage : Here and There..

Picutre taken from :

Hi..long time i don`t produce an article to share with the readers/bloggers.
Here i got some to share with you.
Healing Hands Ease Pain
Saying "Ouch" a lot? Book a massage. It feels good, of course, but it`s also an effective treatment, according to a recent study of 605 people. Those who got daily 20 minute massage (in addition to medication) after surgery reported less pain a day earlier than those who just got drugs, or who got drugs plus 20 minutes of one-on-one conservation .
Other benefits of massage :
1. It fights the blues. A rubdown cuts depression, pain, anxiety, nausea, fatigue and other symtoms in half for cancer patients, according to one study .
2. It calms kid.
3. It soothes an aching head.
(This article from Reader Digest, September 2008, page 72)
Here is my comment :
We can see the advantages of massage in reducing pain. I have no problem with it.
But some of the owner of the massage centre have misused the concept. This is what i have observed here at Kuching and Miri. I have no idea the massage centre at Sibu and Bintulu.

Ok..back to Kuching and Miri, they employ "girl" mostly from China... The concept they applied was "massage+sex"..i guess so..pop up ??????..with many question. So called the bussiness is illegal inside the set of legal..most likely the mathematician theory lah..hahaha.

No wonder the tourist from other countries, wondering.."orang disini..selalu sakit kaki"..why i said so? Here is the point..every massage centre..they always hang the signoard of "tapak kaki"..haha.

Well...this is what happen during downturn economic.

Keep in touch.
Best Regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai


  1. hehe funny lah dat. malay girl rm180 only? mahal juga russian girls :P

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. to madu beracun,
    i have no idea..haha...
    might be the import and expport..hahaha. but this is reality..aiya..dunia..dunia..

  3. Bro..
    Yeala..ahaha..macam tu la keadaan ekonomi yg sungguh mendesak..

  4. hmmm..I wonder what make the prices different? Any idea?? *pesap2 mata* he3

    Hi Penemuruai..nama brita? Yup,lama amai nyenguk kitu..

  5. Hi my 1st time here. I think the signboard/poster is misleading if they offer something more than just massage..hehe..just my opinion :)

  6. haha... I think the massage is unique lah MamaMia.. that's why the price mahal!

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