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Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Prediction: Sarawak Election, 16th April 2011

Hello Boss..ada cerita mauk kongsi ni

Penemuruai have a prediction for the upcoming election.

The state of Sarawak remain under BN but noted that the majority vote drastically down as compared to previous election.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choose the right person: 16th April 2011

The most detection of policitic simptom before 16th April 2011, Sarawak Election.

1. Kopitiam full of veteran and retired government servant/private sector. The words always voices out '..nanti you tengok la..,belum tau lagi sekarang..'

And 1 person entitle for 4 hot cup of coffee. '..satu lagi kopi kurang manis..' Active income for kopitiam tauke.

2. The staffs in printing office are busy preparing the banners..sometimes they confused which one to vote.

3. The jamming studio will be out of stock of microphone and loud speaker. Good business ehh..

4. For rural place, they will have fun a lot. It seem like night spot at Las Vegas. Happy hour-24/7. Sure they will have great dinner or lunch. Good business for chicken, cow and pig as well.

5. The captain getting headache because too much travelling around the state using helicopter. But pretty good for the allowances..hehe.

6. Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya website might be lagging too. Before this, average not come to 200 person visit to this website per day. Programmer think about this situation.

7. I may say that the student will be happy because they can escape from the co-curiculum activities. Stayed at home and play Play Station.

8. All the YBs whether in government or opposition, i am sure that they will regularly seek advice from doctor for their blood pressure-up and down. Regularly they will have sore throat.

Shout here and there for their manifesto.

Penemuruai analysis and conclusion:

1. The rule is BMW: Best Man Winner.

2. Opportunities for business minded person. All is

3. The best part was the national media indirectly promote Sarawak. Quite seldom to hear melody from guitar 'sape'. So, to Minister of Tourism-you have extra credit!

4. Prediction: I am sure the candidates for government will win but the amount of majority not much as compared previous election.

So, all the best. For those who were frustated in certain issues, think it back again. The decision is in your hand.

Bar&Bistro: Barcelona Spanish Tapas, Miri, Sarawak

Recommended by Penemuruai: Bar&Bistro Barcelona Spanish Tapas, Miri, Sarawak.

I love the draught Guinness (1 pint is good enough or more). You can do the mixture as 1 pint draught guinness+any brand of beer but i mostly preferred the Heineken. Enjoy your weekend with innovative recipe.

Say Hi! to Justin (Barcelona Bartender)

The best Mee Udang/Har Mee at Bintulu, Sarawak

Recommended by Penemuruai: Mee Udang/Har Mee, Upper Wet Market, Bintulu, Sarawak.

Unique: The price is equally with delicious! No regret..

Come and have a try. The best mee udang/har mee at Bintulu. I am going to hunt the other mee udang/har mee at Sarawak. By doing so, we can do the rate. Need some feedback from bloggers too..

My Story: Road to Long Sepigen

(Pic of Selungo Steel Bridge, Ulu Baram, Miri, Sarawak )
While most young people of my age would be dreaming of a comfortable job in the city upon graduation, I have set my aims to pursue a forestry career and got a job which needed me to travel to my work place which takes at least 7 to 8 hours by land thru logging road to the interior of Ulu Baram, Miri, Sarawak. “This is our first assignment for this month, we be going in on the 14th Febuary” instruct Laing Imang (Assistant Forester) to me. I was thinking that I am going to miss the Valentine Day for this year. I had planned to meet my love. The task given brought thunder strike and broke my heart as my romantic planned has gone to dust and blow away by the wind. I had planned it for months. Many will thought that Valentine Day is a nothing if you can’t celebrate with your love one’s but for me I’m in the lonely jungle, i wanted attention and love from both my lover and family, never the less. “Work is work, the task given must be done, this I cannot denies working as a forester is tough, be patience,” I thought quietly. Laing Imang, Lawai, Padan and I have hardly packed with food and survey equipment for the works of road alignment from the main logging road to the Penan community village. The purposed of the road connection to the Penan community is for development opportunity. “Make sure you bring the complete survey equipment, we do not want to do it for the third time and hopefully the local people would not oppose us” remind Laing to me once again. He have done the task twice and been rejected, by the Penan villagers. I imagine stretched earlobes, spears and blowpipes in hand aiming at me and the rest, this worried me! In reply, I joke and say, “Let`s try my luck for this time. It’s much tougher during my studies” Laing was standing there looking at me with his local hand roll cigarette and finally said, “Wait and see” as he smile and started to walk in the jungle. After about an hour of jungle trekking, I ask Padan , “How far is the distance from the main road to the village, and how will they react with this proposed road alignment?” “A few more kilometers to go,” said Padan and pause for a while to catch his breath and said, “I want the road but others I don’t know.” Padan’s a casual crew is from the village we headed. He told me it’s hard to travel by river and highly cost of fuel in the interior is burdening him and that’s why he wanted the road. Some Penans communities use river as their main connection to the outside world and their have a very strong environment value to the land they inhabit in. Only some Penans support the road. I remember Lawai saying to me before the grueling journey start,” Give me some of your loads to me, I’ll carry it for you.” This is just a small example of friendship and teamwork in the forest. My heart touched because of his kindness in helping me even though he also carrying heavy loads. Half way thru the trekking and survey works. Suddenly, a voice’s shout out to us and we stopped. Trying to locate the voice, there standing just below the cliff where we are standing a Penan elder staring at us with an uneasy body language. Our worst nightmare has come true. “What are you all doing here?” shouted the elder Penan from the down hill of his paddy field. Padan answer quickly, “We are doing the road alignment to the village.” “You better leave now, I do not want the road to our village because the road alignment encountered with my paddy field,” replied the elder Penan. We try to explain and told the Penan elder that this is just a survey works and no construction will be done at this moment without agreement from the village communities, we just wanted to determine the alignment of the road to the village. But the Penan elder once again say “This is my land, I want the road too but not thru my paddy fields, find another way.” “Let’s go back” said Laing, “There’s no point of continue on”. All the hard work we done is been stopped by a man. We have to respect the man decision and do not want to make the situation getting worst. I was standing tired and disappointed upon hearing this; all the three hours of trekking and works just puff off like the smoke from Laing hand roll cigarette. We turned and head back to the Selungo Steel Bridge with three hours of walk. On the way back, it was like walking with torn in my feet, I’m thirsty and hungry. “Not far to go, not far to go” I said to Lawai with a joke tune in my voice just to cheer up the gang, and finally we reached the Selungo steel bridge and what a wait us is the vivid orange color four wheel drive ready to take us all back to camp. While wondering things happen today, my best friend Kelvin Manit enters my room. Kelvin and I had been friends for 8 years , we met each other during my studies. A cheerful and happy go lucky person, he has been working here for 3 years now before i joined in. Kelvin asked me what’s wrong as he always knew that something had happen to me so I told him the story happened today. And he laughed and say “This is just the beginning, there’s more to come my friend. This is baptism of fire as a forester”

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Proposed Hardcopy of Penemuruai e-Mag

Any idea or comment for this future hardcopy cover for Penemuruai e-Mag?

I am glad to hear some feedback from other bloggers.


Halal Kolo Mee, Kuching, Sarawak

Recommended by Penemuruai: Halal Kolo Mee, New Matang Jaya (Next to e-Mart), Kuching, Sarawak.

Unique: Sarawak have applied 1Malaysia for long time ago. The perspective of 1Malaysia can be the diversity of food in Malaysia.

Please accept diversity in our country.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Curry Fish Head

Recommended by Penemuruai: Banana Leaf, Krishna Curry Fish Head,Miri,Sarawak. The curry fish head without coconut milk 'santan'. It is pure healthy food. Have a try!

Hong Kong Noodle House, Kuching, Sarawak

Recommended by Penemuruai: Hong Kong Noodle House, Pandungan, Kuching, Sarawak

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pics: Home-Made Mini Hydroelectric

Here some pics of Home-made mini hydroelectric.

Scandal Mostly Happened at Office

Pecaya ke enda, skandal suah nyadi ba nalan endur kitai kereja? Kati enda pia dih laban kitai udah ngena masa ti lama ari pagi nyentuka lemai begulai enggau pangan diri ba dalam ofis tauka endur bukai. Enti nitihka pansik ari siku penulis bup “The Art of Cheating-Jessica Dorfman Jones”, dia ia madahka bisi 60 persen urang ti udah nirika rumahtangga udah bekaul enggau pengawa skandal di nalan endur kereja. Reti aku iya nya nalan endur kereja enda ngira ba ofis tauka ba luar ofis tang tu sigi nyadi kelebih agi kitai ti gawa enggau mayuh seksyen. Tambah nya mega bisi 67 persen sida manijer udah kala berskandal enggau urang di baruh sida tauka bisi pengerindu enggau pangan diri tajapan udah bisi rumahtangga tauka sulu ati.
Dalam leka lagu udu amai isu tu dikelaguka. Ngambika chunto baka lagu Andrewson Ngalai bejudul “Adong Belalai..” Pandak jaku, tu meh dikumbai kitai “..makai belalai…”
Kes bakatu suah amai nyadi ba ofis laban pengelama kitai bekereja ari pagi nyentuka lemai udah ngena masa enggau pengelama 8 jam. Tu mina dikira ari pengelama kereja dalam seari tang bedau agi dicampur enggau lebuh maya makai di kopitiam sereta pulai ari kereja.
Pengerindu belalai tu bepun ari mayuh faktor. Keterubah iya ari struktur rumah tangga ti enda kukuh. Ngambika chunto laki bini bisi ngembuan kereja kediri empu, pagi ari sama nurun kereja udahnya betunga mua mina lebuh makai malam. Makin ari pengerindu sereta komunikasi nyau udah putus ketegal kereja ti kelalu mayuh sereta enda ngerandau penanggul diri empu. Kitai sama bela nemu enti udah pulai kereja sigi lelak meh asai tubuh nyau mata lanjur deka tinduk. Bisi ga sekeda madahka munyi bakatu “…enda gawa nya, pagila ulih meh berandau..sigi semampai bisi laban diau ba siti perabung…” Sigi amai jaku bakanya tang ingat meh, utai saritu enda sama enggau pagila.

Bepun ari pengurang kasih sayau sereta bejaku enggau pangan diri nya ngasuh pengerindu nyau majak pudar. Lebuh maya di ofis kekadang bisi ga tetemuka kaban ti sanggup ninga jerita sereta penanggul diri empu. Enti kaban kitai nya nyau nemu ngaturka masalah kitai dia bisi ga ati nyamai mimit sereta gaga laban bisi endur enggau urang ngenduh. Ari nya tadi, dia iya ulih mandingka penyiru di rumah enggau di ofis. Ari beganti ari, pengerindu enda ulih ditagang nyau ngepunka skandal ba ofis.
Nyadi kitai deka nemu ulah skandal ba nalan kereja tu nyadi. Kesuah ia urang ti bisi skandal deka pulai laun ke rumah. Alasan ti dipadah sida iya nya mayuh kereja deka diadu. Paling mudah disebut mulut sida ianya “overtime”. Nyau limpang nuju leka lagu penyayi Johnny Aman ga kitai, “…laban deka mayar lon washer machine..” Kitai pan enda nemu nama pengawa digaga sida nyau pulai tengah malam ari ofis. Enda patut ga overtime sampai ke tengah malam. Nyadi sapa ti bisi tekena bakatu, manah peresa enggau silik laban engka amat iya ngaga pengawa kereja ofis laban ke tudah mangku pangkat ti besai. Sapa mih enda irau enti laki tauka bini laun pulai ke rumah, agi sekali dua engka ulih tang nyau tetiap malam sigi ulih ngasuh carut pengujung iya.
Jaku ajar ari kes bakatu mudah aja iya nya kerja memanah ngidupka ruang bilik. Bala sida indu enggau laki nyau majak bajik sereta sigat ari taun beganti taun. Mulaika leka lagu ari niang Micheal Jemat “…dinga meh urang kereja, udah terima, anang enda nyaga bini enggau anak….”. Kira bakanya meh paut leka lagu enggau kes skandal ti suah nyadi ba nalan endur kereja.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good news for farmer: Chili Price on Top, RM30/kg

Bala rayat menua Indonesia bangat ringat amai asai ati laban rega chabi udah niki nyau 10 kali ganda dalam kandang beberapa bulan sebedau tu sereta ngenusahka pengawa bebelika chabi nyau ngejungka nyadi aum ba semua urang ari sida indu ti nyadi suri rumah nyentukka Presiden Indonesia.

Gaya pemakai rayat sida menua ari Indonesia sigi enda ulih ninggalka chabi laban lauk sida sigi semampai pedas. Nyau teringat aku lebuh maya aku diau pengelama seminggu enggau betunggal aku di ladang kelapa sawit di menua Bintulu iya maya ari besai raya sida ti bepengarap Islam. Maya ari nya tadi dia kami duai bisi ngabang ngagai rumah bala pekeja iya ari menua Indonesia. Kelebat agi sida ari menua Indonesia tu bebansa Bugis ti bekereja naka pengalama di ladang kelapa sawit ba sitak menua Bintulu. Maya ngabang nya tadi, kami duai dienah sida mayuh macham lauk sereta kuih. Ngambika chunto baka dagin rendang, kuah kari, asi pulut sereta mayuh macham agi. Dipeda mata kasar, sigi chiru kuah kari sida tu tadi enti dibanding enggau lauk kari sida melayu ari menua Sarawak. Maya aku nyengkau kuah kari ti chiru nya tadi ba asi pulut dia betunggal aku munyi bakatu..

“…anang kelalu mayuh engkah kuah kari ba asi pulut nya, pedas asai iya lagi, enda alah empa nuan lagi..” bakanya iya madah enggau aku.

Bedau ambis ditelan ai liur iya tu tadi, dia aku nelai belalai madahka naka pemedas asai kuah nya tadi. Nyau pansut peluh lebuh maya nembuka asi pulut ti gulai enggau kuah kari nya tadi. Naka iya pemedas. Arinya aku nemu gaya pemakai sida ari menua Indonesia sigi pedas sereta sida udah teleba enggau barang pemakai ti pedas. Sida bisi madahka enda nyentuk asai makai enti nadai belaukka chabi.

Pulai baru kitai ngagai jerita penyuntuk chabi di menua Indonesia. Nyadi bisi sekeda sida ngelanggurka bala rayat nukar enda lama ba begunaka sos chabi ti dalam botol. Chabi ti ditanam sida nya mayuh udah rusak sereta mati laban gaya ujan ti enda nentu nyau ngejungka rega nya niki ari AS$10 ngagai AS$11 (RM30 ngagai RM33) dalam sekilogram iya nya lebih tinggi ari rega dagin.

Rega chabi mirah enggau gadung nya tadi majak niki ngagai 600 peratus ari AS$2.20 ke AS$15 sekilogram (RM6.70 ngagai RM45.60) ba bulan Disember ke udah sereta nimbulka pengirau ba sida ti deka meli. Ba beberapa ari dalam bulan Januari 2011, dia rega nya niki 10 kali ganda ngagai AS$22.20 (RM67.60) sekilogram.

Pekara tu ulih nyadi parah kelebat agi sida menua ti penuh enggau bala rayat penyampau 237 iku sereta penatai pemisi sida dalam AS$200 (RM609) dalam sebulan tang bisi mega sekeda ari sida sanggup deka melanja duit kena ngulihka chabi. Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono mega bisi buah runding kena ngemutarka penanggul iya nya ngasuh nanam kediri empu ba kebun sida.

Pekara suntuk chabi ukai naka nyadi ba menua Indonesia tang di menua India mega udah kurang ngeluarka daun teh sereta mega gaya ari tu nyau udah ngubahka asai dalam ai teh sida.
Sida ti rindu beirupka ai anggur peram (wine) kelebih agi di menua Perancis mega bisi ngasaika penanggul ti sebaka nuntung. Di menua Korea Selatan, ujan mega udah ngerusakka sayur kubis nyau nyentukka chara panduk kimchi iya mega bisi kurang nyamai.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gecko/Kugo-Good Price!?

Ba pengujung taun 2009 nyentuk kediatu, dia aku suah amai ninga urang nusuika jelu kugo nya bendar amai digiga laban ti berega enti dijual sereta jerita madahka bisi ngembuan ubat kena nyumanka penyakit Aids. Pelaba aku ba seluruh Sarawak udah nemu jerita ba jelu kugo. Ukai nama aku madah bakanya laban bisi sekeda kaban aku ari Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Limbang nyentukka Lawas madahka jelu kugo nya bendar amai digiga urang.

Ngelansa ba cuping pending madahka rega siku jelu kugo nya ulih manggai beribu-ribu ringgit enti pemerat iya lebih ari 300 gram. Retinya enti pemerat nya dibaruh ari 300 gram, dia rega iya sigi enda besai enti dibanding enggau rega ti ngeluie ari 300 gram. Pekara ti ngasuh amai narit ati sida deka begigaka jelu kugo iya nya rega iya ti bangat mar enti dijual kelimpah ari pengasi deka nyumanka penyakit Aids. Amai nya kini? Kitai sama bela enda nemu kada jerita tu bendar tauka enda. Aku mega bisi bulih info madahka bisi keretas iklan nyau dilekatka ba dinding di belah pasar madahka deka meli tichak kugo diseretaka sida enggau numbor talipaun sida ejin.

Berita bakatu jampat amai ditemu urang nyau sempama baka api nyerarai kelebih agi ba pemansang teknologi pemadah baka Facebook, blog, Twitter sereta laman sesawang ti ngena konsep dagang. Sagam ba runding aku din, ukai kitai di Sarawak aja deka ngiga jelu kugo tu kada enda nyau udah ditemu urang ba menua Semenanjung tauka di Sabah din. Ba pemansang teknologi pemadah tu tadi mih ngasuh jerita nya jampat amai ditemu urang ba tiap pelilih menua.

Ba ditu kitai sama nyelungkarka info ba jelu kugo. Tichak kugo tu dalam raban Gekkonidae. Kugo tauka Gecko tu siti ari raban ti mit, jelu ti enda bisa sereta kelebat agi ditemu ba menua tropika. Bisi sekeda spesies ari raban tu deka ngeluarka bunyi ti bangat ingar baka “..kukgoo..kukgoo..kukgoo..”. Ticak kugo tu suah amai ditemu lebuh maya malam ari enti ba belah papan rumah sereta ba atas sadau siling. Iya ulih ba dini alai endur asal mih chelap. Ticak kugo tu ulih lekat ba endur mua ti licin mega laban tiap iti ba tunjuk jari iya bisi mangkuk ti mit baka bulu berus ti mayuh sereta ulih lekat.

Pemanjai ticak kugo tu ulih manggai ari 1.6cm nyentukka 35cm sereta jarang amai panjai, pala ti sedang iya tebal enggau iku iya ti enda kelalu pandak enggau tebal. Kulit luar ticak kugo tu bebintil baka igi manit. Kelebat agi spesies tu bisi dua iti mata ti diselaput enggau siti lapis membran sereta diberesi iya enggau lidah. Ticak tu tu mega makai indu utai tauka jelu bukai lebuh maya malam ari. Ticak kugo indu kesuah iya betelu enggau nyampau dua iti aja ti bewarna putih enggau kulit telu ti kering. Churak tichak kugo tu bisi kelabu, cokelat; lain mega ticak kugo ti ba siang ari di menua Madagascar enggau Afrika iya bechurak gadung terang enggau bintik ti churak oren tauka kuning; tichak kugo kayu ti bisi ba New Zealand bechurak gadung tauka bisi kuning sereta bisi betanda bintik pucat. Tichak kugo tu enda bisa tajapan bisi sekeda menua madahka sida tu bebisa. Jenis ticak kugo ti bisi ba Asia ngembuan tiga jenis bunyi, ngembuan saiz ti besai sereta ulih ngigit. Tichak kugo ti paling mit enggau reptilia ti paling mit ba dunya iya nya Jaragua sphaero. Tichak kuro ti paling mit tu ba National Park Jaragua enggau ba pulau Beata di menua Dominican Republic.

Di menua kitai, bisi siti tichak kugo ti udah dilindung terit iya nya “Niah Cave Gecko”. Tichak tu mina ditemu kitai ba dalam lubang batu di Niah. Arinya perintah udah neritka undang-undang awaka tichak tu enda diambi kitai sengapa.

Labanka udah ninga jerita madahka rega tichak kugo tu ti mar dia mayuh amai urang di menua kelebat agi nyau begiga ba dalam utan. Pengeka ati ti deka ngulihka duit nyau beribu-ribu dia bisi siti kes ti udah ngejungka siku bansa Iban di pelilih menua Sri Aman nyau bebadi labuh ari pun kayu laban ti deka ngulihka tichak kugo. Nama mih penyadi laban tichak nya rari sereta iya empu nyau bebadi. Tu mih siti ajar laban pengamu ati ti deka ngulihka duit enggau jampat. Pengelikun diri empu patut dikemeranka lebuh ngereja pengawa tang enti udah alah laban duit, nama-nama utai ulih nyadi.

Penemuruai E-mag, Vol.4

Ari Mija Editor …

Enda berasai nyau udah ngebak taun baru 2011. Awaka taun 2011 tu bulih jereki ti lebih manah agi bebanding taun ke udah. Betemu baru kitai dalam Penemuruai e-Mag, Volume 04.
Aku mayuh udah nerima e-mail ari raban pemacha madahka nganti naka pengelama Penemuruai e-Mag, Volume 4. Nyadi kami sebuat minta ampun enggau pengelaun deka ngeluarka Volume 4 laban bisi penanggul ti enda ulih diseliahka. Terima kasih enggau bala pemacha ti udah meri sukung penuh sereta sanggup nganti penatai Penemuruai e-Mag, Volume 4.
Pulai ngagai randau kitai ba Penemuruai e-Mag, Volume 04. Dalam volume tu agi bedaub aka selama iya. Pemanah dalam Volume 4 tu dia aku bisi nyemput penulis anembiak iban bekunsi penemu dalam pengelandik sida dalam pengawa sekula sereta ari buah penemu dalam jerita pengerindu antara menua. Mayuh agi info sereta jerita ti deka dikunsi enggau bala pemacha kelebih agi dalam perangsang pengidup kitai ba seari-ari.
Kepenudi iya, aku ngarapka bala pemacha tetap nyukung pengawa kami sereta ulih meri idea dikena mansang dalam bidang besadungka informasi diatu.
Terima Kasih! Selamat Macha…
Penekebang/Editor Penemuruai e-Mag:
Wilfred Sedau ,
E-mail Penemuruai e-Mag

Bejalai Ngiga Pemakai: Salai Rusa Masin

Bisi bala kitak udah macha artikel ba Penemuruai e-Mag, Volume 03? Ba dalam nya aku bisi ngemansutka artikel ti benama “Pemanah Makai Begerumpu”. Ba dalam dalam artikel nya aku ngayanka adat ba siti sitak menua ti bemacham bansa mantaika chara tauka basa sida iya makai begerumpu. Tajapan adat sereta pengarap enda sama tang pemanah reti begulai makai gerumpu nya sigi bisi.
Nyadi ba dalam artikel tu, aku deka bekunsi enggau bala pemacha enggau siti barang pemakai sida orang ulu di pelilih menua ulu baram iya nya Salai Masin Rusa. Enti ba leka jaku kitai iban tauka bahasa Malaysia sigi dikangau kitai nya rusa tang kesuah agi sida urang ulu tu tadi nyebut rusa nya “Payau” iya nya sama enggau leka jaku ti dikena sida ba menua Sabah din. Kitai sama bela nemu menua sida bansa urang ulu tu sigi diau ba pala menua sereta dikelingi enggau rampa menua ti agi bedau bungas. Ditambah mega chara gaya idup sida sigi begantung begigaka enggau jelu ti bisi ba dalam utan dikena nyadi utai diempa. Nama bansa jelu babas baka sida babi utan, jelu rusa, jelu mayau, angkis, landak sereta mayuh agi sigi nguan ba rampa menua.
Keterubah iya aku makai jelu rusa tu sigi bebau enti dibanding enggau jelu bukai. Bisi ga sekeda urang enda entu ulih makai isi jelu rusa laban ti bau iya nya. Enda ga ngumbai bau isi rusa tu bebau but endar laban bisi sekeda mega bangat rindu makai isi jelu rusa. Ari chara manduk daging jelu tu tadi ngasuh iya kurang mimit bebau.
Isi jelu rusa nya tadi dipepat pemesai tapak jari awaka iya mudah diintu ba proses ti bukai. Pengudah nya tadi, isi nya tadi digerami enggau garam kasar sereta diperuk enggau jari awaka asai garam nya tadi masuk ba isi rusa awaka iya tan disimpan lebih lama agi. Bisi sida ke anembiak rebak baru urang ulu udah nemu ngubah resepi nya enggau chara ngulaika lada chelum, cabi padi injin, kicap masin, kicap manis sereta mayuh bengkah bansa resepi.
Bisi aku ninga jerita ari sida tuai sigi ti landik ngaga Salai Rusa Masin. Iya madahka chara sida agi munya iya isi rusa ti udah digerami enggau garam nya tadi terus dijembui ba mata panas. Labanka ari kemaya aritu enda ulih disangka baka ujan enggau kemarau, nya mih sida nyau ngepunka salai isi rusa masin ngena api kayu. Chara sida kediatu ti suah dipeda mata aku iya nya sida deka engkah isi rusa ti udah digerami enggau garam ba atas keping atap zink, nang sigi dikena sida begagaka salai bakanya. Keping atap zink nya tadi diengkah tinggi mimit ari kayu api, iya nya api enda terus nuju ke isi rusa. Enti daun api nya terus nuju ke isi rusa, dia iya deka angus nyau ukai dikangau kitai salai tang panggang.
Daun api sigi patut dikawal awaka isi rusa nya tadi enda ngenyit mansau. Sida ke nyalai ngena chara bakatu ngena masa lebih kurang 2 ngagai 3 jam tauka lebih laban tuju sida deka ngasuh salai nya nyentukka rangkai.
Pengudah nya isi salai ti udah rangkai nya deka diguring baru enggau minyak. Lebuh maya aku makai salai isi rusa ti udah tembu diguring, nyau kerup-kerup isi nya maya diempa. Ba asai nyawa aku, salai ti udah diguring nya tadi dical ba asi ti benung angat. Maya makai nya, munyi ko sekeda leka jaku madahka “enda malik enti mentua ngagau” laban nandaka penyamai isi salai ti benung diempa.
Ari nya kitai beratika bansa kitai Dayak sigi enda ulih jauh ari pemakai ti masin. Barang pemakai ti masin ba aku ditu iya nya baka kasam babi, kasam ikan, kasam kemayau sereta mayuh macham agi. Aku ukai deka nyekat kitak makai barang pemakai ti udah disebut aku nya tadi tang anang kelalu balat. Bepakaika barang pemakai ti masin ulih ngejungka kitai bulih penyakit baka tinggi darah. Belebas mih mimit lebuh maya makai utai bakatu laban ukai seari nya aja kitai makai tang ngenangka dudi ari ila.
Siti pemanah ari penemu begagaka salai isi rusa masin tu iya nya kitai ulih ngetan barang pemakai nya sampai betaun-taun. Penemu sereta penau ba dalam ngetanka pemanah barang pemakai tu patut digagaka kitai laban nya nandaka kitai udah bisi ba penemu dalam sains pemakai.
Dikena aku nyimpulka artikel tu iya nya tiap pelilih menua sigi bisi ngembuan chara begagaka barang pemakai nya ngasuh nyamai. Uji mih barang pemakai ti baru awaka kitai ulih ngasai sereta nemu adat bansa urang bukai.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) reception much better than other radio stations. Why?

The other radio stations (national radio/media) coverage in the rural areas should be upgraded and updated so that the people would have a better and clearer reception.
It was too far ahead to talk about the internet connection in the rural areas for example Kapit, Belaga, Ulu Baram, Bario, Ba Kelalan etc. Yes, the government has an effort to establish the pilot project known as e-bario, e-jekitan and many more ‘e’ to come. The question is how many rural people would benefit from this pilot project? Just take an example the population for Pelagus and Katibas estimated population 50,000 people. I may say that not come to half of the population will benefit from it.
We have been in Malaysia for the last 46 years and yet we are left out in basic infrastructure like radio communication. Radio was the most characteristic way to communicate with the peoples and relay messages. The radio was still very relevant to express whatever messages to the people particularly in the remoteness of Kapit, Belaga, Ulu Baram, Bario, Ba Kelalan etc.
We knew that the current monologue system should be upgraded to digital system. Remark that the better coverage in the rural areas would promote under 1Malaysia concept.
Telling you honestly that Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) reception at UIu Baram, Miri much clearer compared to other radio stations (national radio/media). We cannot blame the naïve listener to tune their radio into RFS because they want the much clearer reception. Just forget about the satellite television where they could not afford it. What is the point to hear the national radio that always intercept with foreign station radio? Back again they have to tune the radio into which channel can be heard clearly.
Kindly do not blameworthiness the listener which tune into RFS where they are much mature to select the best fact and information. Like the old man says ‘...two head better than one…’ The best character about Malaysian people was enthusiastic to get extraordinary information.
In the United States, some early figures in radio, such as David Sarnoff (A Russian-born American broadcasting executive), argued that broadcasting represented a “job of entertaining, informing, and educating the nation, and should therefore be noticeably regarded as a public service”.
Indeed, it was the perceived power of the medium of radio to influence public opinion that shaped the development of international broadcasting. Its potential as a tool of propaganda was recognized instantly by the Nazis, who described radio as “the most modern, the strongest, and the most revolutionary weapon which we possess in the battle against an extinct world”.

So, there is an urgent need to upgrade radio reception in Sarawak`s interior areas, as part of the basic infrastructure provision under the 1Malaysia concept.