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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Choose the right person: 16th April 2011

The most detection of policitic simptom before 16th April 2011, Sarawak Election.

1. Kopitiam full of veteran and retired government servant/private sector. The words always voices out '..nanti you tengok la..,belum tau lagi sekarang..'

And 1 person entitle for 4 hot cup of coffee. '..satu lagi kopi kurang manis..' Active income for kopitiam tauke.

2. The staffs in printing office are busy preparing the banners..sometimes they confused which one to vote.

3. The jamming studio will be out of stock of microphone and loud speaker. Good business ehh..

4. For rural place, they will have fun a lot. It seem like night spot at Las Vegas. Happy hour-24/7. Sure they will have great dinner or lunch. Good business for chicken, cow and pig as well.

5. The captain getting headache because too much travelling around the state using helicopter. But pretty good for the allowances..hehe.

6. Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya website might be lagging too. Before this, average not come to 200 person visit to this website per day. Programmer think about this situation.

7. I may say that the student will be happy because they can escape from the co-curiculum activities. Stayed at home and play Play Station.

8. All the YBs whether in government or opposition, i am sure that they will regularly seek advice from doctor for their blood pressure-up and down. Regularly they will have sore throat.

Shout here and there for their manifesto.

Penemuruai analysis and conclusion:

1. The rule is BMW: Best Man Winner.

2. Opportunities for business minded person. All is

3. The best part was the national media indirectly promote Sarawak. Quite seldom to hear melody from guitar 'sape'. So, to Minister of Tourism-you have extra credit!

4. Prediction: I am sure the candidates for government will win but the amount of majority not much as compared previous election.

So, all the best. For those who were frustated in certain issues, think it back again. The decision is in your hand.

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