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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sarawakian to release first Borneo-based Dayak comics

(Source: The Borneo Post, 27 Sept 2012)

#Penemuruai`s comment: More competitive. 

A Leader Is Never Deterred by Failure

We all fear failure. The best leaders in the world fail all the time but instead of fearing failure, they embrace it.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before the perfected the light bulb. He never let failure wear him down. Walt Disney was fired from his first job for not "being creative". He went on to creating the 'most creative company in the world'-DISNEY.
Michael Jordan failed miserably in his first basketball trial and failed to make his high-school basketball team. That never stopped him becoming the best.

Leaders are not born, they just learn from their mistakes. The great leaders in the world learn from their failure, and grow from it. Everyone can be a leader. Its about digging deep within us and never letting failure discourage us.

(Cited from The Star,myStarjob, 29/9/2012-Saturday)

More on:

#Penemuruai`s comment: I`m agreed on "Too many bosses but few leaders.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book: The Casual Vacancy, author by J.K Rowling

(Source: The Borneo Post, 28/9/2012-Friday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: New arrival book: The Casual Vacancy--J.K Rowling

Reader`s Digest: October 2012

(Reader`s Digest, October 2012)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Available at any Malaysian bookstore.

SOPB to expand its palm oil plantation: Beluru&Kemena

(Source: The Borneo Post, 29/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Consideration of small farmer in palm oil.

Starbucks: First store in India, October-end.

(Source: The Borneo Post, 29/9/2012-Saturday)
(Pic above: From

#Penemuruai`s comment: Starbucks the world`s biggest coffee chain.

English Premier League: Tonight`s match, 29/9/2012

(Source: The Borneo Post, 29/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Never walk alone...

Civil servants to get additional one month bonus

(Source: The Borneo Post, 29/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Year End, Mega Sale

PTPTN: Discount loan repayment

(Source: The Borneo Post, 29/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Please pay what you owe. TQ

Sugar subsidy reduced by 0.20sen per KG

(Source: The Borneo Post, 29/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Kurangkan Gula, Tambahkan Senyuman...

Friday, September 28, 2012

Ampang LRT Project

(Source: The Borneo Post, 28/9/2012-Friday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Completed on time is good builder.

Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan at Long Busang

(Source: The Borneo Post, 28/9/2012-Friday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Minor Rural Project

New MC&I for two Forest Management Unit (FMU): Selaan Linau, Ulu Baram & Anap Muput, Tatau

(Source: The Borneo Post, 28/9/2012-Friday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Forest Management Unit (FMU) at Selaan Linau, Ulu Baram

PWTC tonight: Lan Berambeh

(Source: The Borneo Post, 28/9/2012-Friday)

Penemuruai request for "Bloggers Festival"---if really meant of to protect Sarawak

(Source: The Borneo Post, 28/9/2012-Friday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Each of the bloggers have their own genre. I`m request to our CM of Sarawak, kindly organize Bloggers Festival. Why not? If we got Music Jazz Festival, Rainforest Music etc... Extraordinary and newest attraction to outsider country to join "Blogger Festival"

Murder at Bintulu

#Penemuruai`s comment: Don`t think Bintulu as tourism destination at the moment. Fight until drastically low down the criminal index.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pro-Aspirasi win big

25/9, Campus polls: Pro-Aspirasi (pro-establishment ) candidates win big in 7 public universities- UPM, UUM, Unimas, UPSI, UMP, UMT and UPNM.

(Source: The Star via SMS, 25/9/2012-Tuesday)

Congratulations: Samling Group of Companies

#Penemuruai`s comment: My journey in career started with Samling Group of Companies.
Congratulations to Dato Sri Yaw Chee Ming.

Gold outshines equity, other asset class

(Source:The Borneo Post, 25/9/2012-Tuesday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: The decision is yours.

Majalah Bangka, Majalah Katun Jenaka Iban

#Penemuruai`s comment: Tumb up to Majalah Bangka group for the first magazine published on Dayak-Iban cartoon.

B.B.Q Plaza, Time Square, Kuala Lumpur

#Penemuruai`s comment: Easy and comfortable to BBQ your favorite food!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Liverpool vs Man United: Tonight, 23/9/2012

(Source: The Borneo Post, 23/9/2012-Sunday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: You never walk alone..come on Liverpool!

6 Degrees: CREATIVE

6 degree

6 degrees is a flexible shelving system based on a module. Its diagonal sides support the falling books and it fits A5, A4 and bit bigger sizes. Single module works as a stool or a side table. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Learnt from World History

#I read--"When the Europeans came to the Americas, they usually defeated all the native Red Indian tribes by killing their leader and then watching the tribe crumble. This same happened in business, politics and almost anything meant defeating your competition.

Only one Red Indian tribe remained undefeated for 200 years the Apaches. How did the Apaches survive undefeated against the Spanish and other mighty armies? Through a collaborative leadership model. Apache leaders, called Nant`ans, kept changing. Geronimo, a famous Nant`an, called commanded an army but was rather a spiritual leader. Whenever a Nant`an died, a new one emerged, not by appointment but by a collaborative process. People followed a Nant`an because they wanted to and not because they had to. This collaborative leadership model enabled the Apaches to survive.

#Penemuruai`s comment: Collaboration, Collaborative.

Sibu Base Jump Challenge

(Source: The Borneo Post, 22/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Sibu Base Jump--another spot tourism attraction.

Home-made: Hot Dog

#Penemuruai`s comment: Home made Hot Dog--Practice make perfect.

Investment: Silver and Platinum are used in jewellery

Silver and platinum are used in jewellery and for investment purposes, they also have a significant industrial usage. The metals are less reactive, have a better shine as well as a higher melting point.

Silver has always been treated as second best.

Platinum`s properties make it an integral raw material in consumer products. It is durable, resistant to corrosion, has superior electronic conductivity and is heat resistant.

#Penemuruai`s comment: Diverse your investment.

Stresses of Gambling

The following changes in a person`s behavior can sometimes be due to the stresses of gambling:
1. Becoming defensive when asked for money.
2. Telling lies, pleading, manipulating and using threats to coerce money from people.
3. Becoming secretive over money and finances, showing a desire to control household finances.
4. Unwarranted withdrawals of money from bank accounts or selling personal items, pawning jewellery and expensive watches.
5. Becoming heavily in debt via credit cards and personal loans. To some extent, not answering calls can be a sign of avoiding calls from bank or moneylenders.

(Source: The Star, 22/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: No shortcut to get RICH

EPL: Tomorrow match, 23/9/2012

(Live on ESPN, 8.30pm)


(Live on Supersport3, 11pm)

(Live on StarSports, 11pm)

Ways to invest in GOLD!

There are many ways to invest in the GOLD.
You can:
1. Buy gold bars.
2. Open a gold savings account
3. Buy shares of gold miners
4. Units in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold physical gold.

#Penemuruai`s comment: Why don`t open a gold savings account--Much easier.
Banks have responded to the demand for gold, offering gold saving accounts and investment products based on the metal. Examples of gold savings accounts include CIMB Bank`s Gold Deposit Account, Maybank`s Gold Investment Account and UOB`s Gold Investment Account.

The paper value of the account reflects the movement in the price of gold. It is also possible to obtain gold certificates. This is similar to investing in gold ETFs but the certificates are typically issued by banks not trading on a stock exchange. These accounts save investors the inconvenience of storing and transacting in physical gold. This is similar to depositing money in a conventional savings account.


Gold Myth 1: Gold will eventually replace fiat currencies
Gold Myth 2: Gold will keep trending up
Gold Myth 3: Gold is risk free.

Millionaires may not necessarily be feeling rich

There may be more millionaires in Malaysia now than before but they may not necessarily be feeling rich. This is due to of high cost of living.

#Penemuruai`s comment:
1. Strong growth in certain sectors, including plantation, oil and gas and property, which have elevated entrepreneurs into the millionaire class.
2. You can be a millionaire as long willing to work hard BUT being self-employed and investing wisely was the better way to riches!
3. Careful spending was not a factor for the increase  in the numbers of millionaires.
3. Olden Chinese community believed that the family wealth won`t last for more than three generations.

Automated Enforcement System: Begin operation midnight, 22/9/2012

22/9/2012: JPJ: Automated Enforcement System to begin operations midnight today in Perak, Selangor, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur to crack down on traffic offenders.

(Source: The Star via SMS, 22/9/2012-Saturday)

Kuching:Muslims protest anti-Islam film, cartoons peacefully

(Source: The Borneo Post, 22/9/2012-Saturday)

Transporting logs using forged documents

(Source:The Borneo Post, 22/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Mathematician thought us about "Sample". TQ and well done.

Environment programme in Baram

(Source: The Borneo Post, 22/9/2012-Saturday)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Environment awareness should start from school. Follow up with issue discussed at the Rio dde Janeiro summit in 1992.

Belaga Rainforest Challenge: Ended on Tuesday, 25/9/2012

#Penemuruai`s comment: Satellite view shown Belaga, Sarawak shaped like HEART. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cool Bookmarks: CREATIVE

Set of three bookmarks. Wicked witch in the book.  inspired by Wizard of OZ . Funny halloween children gift. oht

Set of three bookmarks. Wicked witch in the book.  inspired by Wizard of OZ . Funny halloween children gift. oht

Personalized  tattoo on sexy butt. surprise . Legs in the book in Golden shoes. Funny gift.  monogrammed for boss

Set of 2 Unusual art bookmarks. Turquoise mint and pumpkin orange boots. Funny gift. Fun for kids.  oht

Cool Bookmarks

Dog ear-ing your pages to mark where you`ve stopped reading is a habit you could break with the help of these totally cute bookmarks.


#Penemuruai`s comment: A gift to bookworm.