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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ways to invest in GOLD!

There are many ways to invest in the GOLD.
You can:
1. Buy gold bars.
2. Open a gold savings account
3. Buy shares of gold miners
4. Units in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold physical gold.

#Penemuruai`s comment: Why don`t open a gold savings account--Much easier.
Banks have responded to the demand for gold, offering gold saving accounts and investment products based on the metal. Examples of gold savings accounts include CIMB Bank`s Gold Deposit Account, Maybank`s Gold Investment Account and UOB`s Gold Investment Account.

The paper value of the account reflects the movement in the price of gold. It is also possible to obtain gold certificates. This is similar to investing in gold ETFs but the certificates are typically issued by banks not trading on a stock exchange. These accounts save investors the inconvenience of storing and transacting in physical gold. This is similar to depositing money in a conventional savings account.


Gold Myth 1: Gold will eventually replace fiat currencies
Gold Myth 2: Gold will keep trending up
Gold Myth 3: Gold is risk free.

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