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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) reception much better than other radio stations. Why?

The other radio stations (national radio/media) coverage in the rural areas should be upgraded and updated so that the people would have a better and clearer reception.
It was too far ahead to talk about the internet connection in the rural areas for example Kapit, Belaga, Ulu Baram, Bario, Ba Kelalan etc. Yes, the government has an effort to establish the pilot project known as e-bario, e-jekitan and many more ‘e’ to come. The question is how many rural people would benefit from this pilot project? Just take an example the population for Pelagus and Katibas estimated population 50,000 people. I may say that not come to half of the population will benefit from it.
We have been in Malaysia for the last 46 years and yet we are left out in basic infrastructure like radio communication. Radio was the most characteristic way to communicate with the peoples and relay messages. The radio was still very relevant to express whatever messages to the people particularly in the remoteness of Kapit, Belaga, Ulu Baram, Bario, Ba Kelalan etc.
We knew that the current monologue system should be upgraded to digital system. Remark that the better coverage in the rural areas would promote under 1Malaysia concept.
Telling you honestly that Radio Free Sarawak (RFS) reception at UIu Baram, Miri much clearer compared to other radio stations (national radio/media). We cannot blame the naïve listener to tune their radio into RFS because they want the much clearer reception. Just forget about the satellite television where they could not afford it. What is the point to hear the national radio that always intercept with foreign station radio? Back again they have to tune the radio into which channel can be heard clearly.
Kindly do not blameworthiness the listener which tune into RFS where they are much mature to select the best fact and information. Like the old man says ‘...two head better than one…’ The best character about Malaysian people was enthusiastic to get extraordinary information.
In the United States, some early figures in radio, such as David Sarnoff (A Russian-born American broadcasting executive), argued that broadcasting represented a “job of entertaining, informing, and educating the nation, and should therefore be noticeably regarded as a public service”.
Indeed, it was the perceived power of the medium of radio to influence public opinion that shaped the development of international broadcasting. Its potential as a tool of propaganda was recognized instantly by the Nazis, who described radio as “the most modern, the strongest, and the most revolutionary weapon which we possess in the battle against an extinct world”.

So, there is an urgent need to upgrade radio reception in Sarawak`s interior areas, as part of the basic infrastructure provision under the 1Malaysia concept.

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