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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recommended Books by Penemuruai

Here i got some books that everyone should read it. The books cover more on cheating and avoiding scams. Cheating&scams happened almost can saw it in the newspaper/internet, etc. Don`t let it happend to you.
The conmen artist is targeting pensioner nowadays. Why? --EPF, ASB, Insurance. Short cut money bah..I bought the books at MPHBookstore, tHe Spring supermall, Kuching.

Picture 1 : The Art of Cheating-Author Jessica Dorfman Jones
"Who says you should always the truth? With this handy informational guidebook you can con your way through life-from finessing your resume, to lying about your age, to getting date. Whether you`ve decided to cheat out of sheer desperation or need to get ahead. The art of Cheating provides essential tips and guidelines for how to be the ultimate swindler, and how to spot the con artists among us. you`ll learn what it takes to be great cheater, and the pros and cons to every swindle. As a newly minted master of deception, you`ll be able to cheat...:"
-Author Jessica dorfman Jones-

Picture 2 : The Truth about-Avoiding Scams, author Steve Weisman

"Author-Steve Weisman hosts the nationally syndicated radio show A Touch of Grey, heard on 50 stations, including NYC`s legendary WABC and KRLA Los Angeles. Weisman has earned a Certificate of Merit for legal journalism from the American Bar Association. His books include 50 ways to Protect Your Identity and Your Credit and Boomer or Bust"

Ulih baca bup tu, manah kena nambahka penemu baru. Ukai nama aku madah bekenya laban dunya diatu udah bebali. Nyadi mesti nyaga pengelikun diri. Kelebih agi ngagai anembiak ti baru abis sekula ba palan pelajar tinggi. Lebuh maya kitai memula kereja, mayuh utai enda temu kitai, lalu lebuh maya nya meh orang ti deka ngulih penguntung ari kitai..ngambika chunto nipu ari segi cara bekereja ngau mayuh utai agi.

So, good books for those after graduate and preparation for carrier life.

Best regard;

The founder of Penemuruai


  1. you know what bro, it is impossible to cheat without guide and experiences..luckily, those who wanted to master in this "cheating", should get this book and start to read now... macam menggalakkan pulak ni bro. haha!

  2. Bro Kong,
    Yea..i`m agree.
    Bukan apa bro..sekarang macam-macam kes tipu menipu. Aku tidak mau jadi "tipah tertipu lagi bang..." hahahaha.
    This book recommended to fresh graduate. After graduate, you will manage people. The system of work is very good but then the human will try to manupulate the system back!

    Thanks for your comment bro..
    Keep in touch.
    Best Regard;
    The founder of Penemuruai

  3. bro Wel,

    please cek this website and brosure for further study scholarship/

  4. The Art of Cheating? convincingly, you mean? hahaha...

  5. Bro Kong,
    Thanks for the broshure of scholarship..
    Will rechek the website.
    Best Regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai

  6. One Other,
    Yea..the Art of cheating..
    You should read it..interesting and know how to overcome it.
    Best Regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai