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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Start Your Project With Mini Coffee Project

I`m back with new category : Agriculture.
I want to share with you all about the coffee that can be planted at Sarawak.
Two main species :
1. Coffee arabica-High land
2. Coffee robusta (kopi java)
3. Coffee liberica (kopi dayak) - can be grown in 1,000ft
Price : Coffee robusta Vs Liberian coffee...the winner is coffee robusta.
Drainage : Must good drainage.
Suggestion planting distances :
10x10ft for robusta coffee = 450 plants per acre
15x15ft for liberica coffee = 200 plants per acre
Shade :
Based on my previous observation, overhead shade needed so that the taste of coffee bean more complex..slurrrpppp...kaw..kopi cap kapal api. Conventional shade trees can be coconuts or bananas.
Maintenance :
Weeding is always practised. Dead weeds should be used as ring-mulch around the plants.
Pruning :
To obtain regularly high yields, we must do the pruning. Two methods of pruning :
1. Single-stem pruning : Apply to Coffee liberica. Only one main stem is permitted.
2. Multi-stem pruning : Apply to Coffee robusta. Three or four main stems are allowed to develop.
This is only first stages in doing coffee project. The next stages will be harvesting and Yields.
I`m going to publish it by next post.

Picture 1 : Coffee arabica

Picture 2 : Coffee arabica

Picture 3 : Coffee arabica.

Picture 4 : Weeding stages.

Picture 5 : Overhead shade for more complexity tastes of coffee beans.
Interested in coffee project?
Best regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai


  1. Interesting. Dini bulih paung robusta ti manah?

  2. keranjaimanok,
    Thanks you. Kitai ulih paung robusta tu ari biji aja. Setakat tu bedau tetemu ke bejual paung robusta. Paling manah, tau ngusung ngagai ofis pertanian. Ngambika chunto, kami ngambi biji coffee arabica ari Kebuluh, Jalai Miri-Btlu.
    Interested deka nanam pia?

    Best Regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai

  3. thankz 4 ur comment on blog aku... lalu-lalu meh ngagai blog aku. blog ku nya puang... mina kami sebilik aja ka bisi nyenguk. x pemali enti ka niki ngagai ruai ku nya. nang di alu-alukan ko laut.

  4. catryn,
    Ok. Thank you.

    Best Regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai