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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Day

I`m just wanna wish Happy Valentine Day war, no crime, everything is no to negative things.
I saw a beautiful valentine card on the blog. Why don`t i put the oldies chinese calendar? Here i have some..don`t laugh yea..hehehe.

Enjoy your Valentine`s Day

Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai


  1. Hai Penemuruai,

    Thanks for your comment on my "Dayak Selakau" article. Keep visit my Blog...

    Hope that you could reveals the specialty of other small tribes in Belaga. It will be very interesting..

    Thanks and I have link your blog to my Blog..

  2. Hi Gold Arawana,
    You`re welcome. Yea..i do visit your blog.
    Regarding on small tribes in Belaga, at this moment, no trip to Belaga. If i got some..then i publish in the blog.
    Best regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai