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Thursday, February 5, 2009


Early in the morning, my best friend "Berawan Traveller" calling me for BBQ wildboar. I`m wondering..why it is too early to roast the wildboar? He said, our worker Penan (race) got it by yesterday night. The wildboar encroach the paddy field (huma bukit). The weight of the wildboar is estimated 50kg.
Kalau dah menceroboh kawasan tanaman padi..apalagi, memang bantai dengan senapang patah la... Big woo...
My colleuge, he`s a Penan community, very talented in hunting. Congratulation to him! Bravo!
Here the picture to share :

Picture 1 : He`s the one who got the wildboar! Very talented Penan

Picture 2 : He`s "The Berawan Traveller"-BBQ the wildboar. He good in cooking..etc.

Picture 3 : Dry..dry BBQ-wildboar

Picture 4 : Zoom-in, BBQ-wildboar

Macam ni la kehidupan di Ulu sini. Masuk kadang kambing, mengembek..kalau masuk kadang lembu..mengembu juga la..

We have to follow the culture. Simple as that. One of the best skill to get closed with people is to make people laugh. Am i right or not?


Best Regard;

The founder of Penemuruai