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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dr.Jeniri Amir interviewed by Channel Awani (Astro 501): He`s transparent on his statement

I watched live interviewed by media Awani with Dr.Jeniri Amir (Pensyarah Kanan Kajian Komunikasi, UNIMAS) by this afternoon. He commented on the analysis of 10th Sarawak`s election. The best part during the interview session was he strongly agreed that some seat will win by the opposition party-DAP especially at Sibu where the majority of Chinese in town area.

I am agreed with Dr.Jeniri Amir too where the best indicator to detect percentage of Chinese voters was at Sibu.

Nowadays, the voters at Sarawak much more matured in politic where the impact from technology in communications such as Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and sms as well. For the new face candidates, we have to use new approach of communication to generation X and Y where the previous method only applicable to generation baby boomers.

The issue mostly used by the opposition party was land dispute issues especially to the local people known as Dayak. Why they used the land issues as their main weapon? Simple and easy to understand where the land dispute issues never ever settle long time ago so called win-win result. After all, the communities get unhappy with the solution being provided. So, they try to find better platform to share their problems on land issue. At last, they will go forward to opposition party in hoping to settle their long time ago problems.

Penemuruai`s comment: To BN please treat this weakness as opportunities. Settle these issues by cases.



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