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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shocked for a meal bill amounted RM13K

After having a meal at restaurant in Temerloh, Pahang, a group of 50 customers was shocked to be billed RM13K which served kampong food, including freshwater fish, ulam (herbal plants) and kampong vegetables. The bill came to about RM260 per person.


Reminder to food traveler is advised to ask for the price of this popular freshwater fish first before ordering the ikan patin dish.

Price of freshwater fish:

Patin buah/Patin muncung fresh from river: RM90 and RM120/kg and sold at RM25 to RM35 per piece when cooked.

Patin reared in cages: RM15/kg and RM5-RM7/piece when cooked.


**Penemuruai`s comment: sssSSSShhh…keep quite.



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