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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ceiling Prices for 20 food items during festive season: How about for Gawai Dayak 2012?

Government set ceiling prices for 20 food items, including chicken, beef, eggs, cabbage, to prevent profiteering during Hari Raya festive season
(Sources info: The Star;mobile sms news;17th August 2011)

Penemuruai`s comment: Tumb-up for the implementation. I am hoping the same thing happened during Gawai Dayak Day (1st June every year) and also Christmas Day (25th Dec every year). I think the food items such like chicken, beef, eggs and etc will be much demand during festive season except for pork mainly during Gawai Dayak Day especially rural areas. Yeap, i knew that this year, 2011, also implemented the set ceiling prices during Gawai Dayak Day but not much items listed.
Keep up a good job for the authority.

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