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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dangdut club in KL party till sahur

A club dangdut in KL is offering its customer a special "Ramadan package" where they can party till sahur (pre-dawn meal) for RM40 per hour.
A GRO, known as Zie who was interviewed by Metro Ahad claimed the holy month of Ramadan had not made it difficult for her to get clients, adding that club patrons, who were mostly senior citizens, wanted to "stay up so they will not miss sahur".
She claimed her average monthly income was between RM10,000 and RM13,000 but during fasting month, she was able to pocket RM18,000.
(Resources news from The Star, 15th August 2011)

Penemuruai`s comment:
Yes, she can earned maximum RM18K per month but the value of life decrease due to unhealthy option to earn income. I do not blame the occupation as GRO but the option applied in Malaysia was slightly against the rule where the entertainment outlet can be operate until 1.00am-2.00am.
Everything is too much is bad.

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