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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Article on Magazine-Personal Money, January 2009

We meet again in other categories-Publication.
Writing and reading is one of my hobby. I get to use read my book during night time before our logging camp generator set is off. During my free time, i wrote as much as i can to send to any author/publication..etc. Luckyly my article/opinion pop-up at Personal Magazine, January 2009. I keep on sending the article to the publisher starting from August 2008.
Here are some to share :

Picture 1 : You can read my article, Part : Personally Speaking, Personal Money January 2009

Picture 2 : The Front Page of Personal Money-January 2009 issue

In the article, i only tackle the financial management for those who are working far from the family for example like me-logging industries. For me, in financial management is good enough to play safe rather than aggresive. So, meaning to are in win-win situation.

Best Regard;

Founder of Penemuruai


  1. Well done bro. You have those amazing writing talent.

    congrats and keep it going!

  2. To Kengkaru Kong,
    Thank you again..i`m just trying bro.
    Cuba sikit-sikit dulu. You also have those talent. Kalau sama kau..aku ok saja. Hehe.
    Best Regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai

  3. Hi Penemuruai,
    nice to know you.. u such a good author anyway.. Maybe i can learn a bit from you about writing if u dont mind..hihii..

  4. To Carey Anthony Marup,
    Thanks for your support.
    I`m in the stages of learning too. No problem, in the process of give and take.
    Jaku Iban ulih, jaku kenyah..ulih mimit..etc.
    Keep in touch.
    Best Regard;
    The Founder of Penemuruai

  5. To Carey Anthony Marup,
    You`re welcome.
    Do come to the blog.