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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Idea on solve traffic congestions: Matang Road, Kuching, Sarawak






Massive traffic jams in the Matang area have been regular scene, especially during peak hours in weekdays.

Penemuruai ideas to solve traffic congestions:

1.       Attitude of Sarawakians-Don`t practices your habit as “…ilek-ilek lok…” If you have important functions/event/trip using flight, kindly make yourself move early. Do not ever last minute as your attitude can caused accident. More troublesome.

2.       Be get ready to move on when the traffic light`s green in color.

3.       Yes, kindly to build a traffic light intersection to control the traffic flow.

4.       Public transportation must be efficient as it will become a necessity to the people.

5.       No-No-No to build flyover over the roundabout heading to Jalan Matang Baru from Satok. Unless, the Satok bridge reconstruct much larger as usual and the alternative way at Satok area to overcome the bottleneck.



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