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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Please Upgrade Radio Reception in the Interior

I guess this is the third time I post an article about the problem of poor radio reception in the interior. The first articles publish in my Penemuruai e-Magazine and recently in my blog,


Here I want to share what is really happening on radio reception at Ulu Baram. As we know the demographic at Ulu Baram, Miri were rugged terrain and surrounded by forest where you cannot reach to each kampong in an hour. Some of the kampong will took one whole day travelling to reach their kampong especially Penan settlements. The present logging roads connect to certain kampong make them easily reached to Miri using land transport. Quite long time they did not use river as their main transportation as it will take many day to reach Miri.


It was okay for those who got job from nearby timber logging. Meaning to say they have a steady income on every month and no problem for them in and out from Miri. In the other word they can receive any new information after each trip. Some of them simply went to the town just to get the latest news from their sons who work at Singapore or Peninsular as well. Directly will caused them high cost for transportation. What we can say for those old age folk in the kampong who do not have steady income? For those who are working with timber logging, how much and frequent they can spend their money on transportations? For your information, each person per way to town will cost you more than a hundred ringgit. So, these were the consideration that stayed in the interior.


I have observed that radio reception in the interior should be upgraded and updated so that the people would have a better and clearer reception. The specifically Kenyah language radio coverage transmission scheduled from 11.00am until 12.00noon where you can use short wave (SW) or FM wave but most of the time using SW where you cannot listen clearly. Three hours later, the Kayan/Kenyah language radio coverage transmission scheduled from 3.00pm until 6.00pm where the same problems happen. No wonder the kampong folks get fed up with the poor radio reception because they cannot get the information relay through radio especially the phone calling session/news with the DJ. Who`s know the phone calling from their wife or children to relay the important news.


Last but least, the radio broadcast is a very important media for remote rural communities as it is often the only source of news and entertainment from the outside world. In the interior, one of the fastest ways of delivering messages was using radio as a medium.


!To responsible government agencies/YB please take action on this matter!


**Penemuruai`s comment: I hate the word: N.A.T.O=No action, Talk Only.


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