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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dayak backlash on civil service entry suggestion

Pic above: The Sun, 11th Sept 2012

KUCHING: A major Dayak organisation has joined the chorus of criticism against a suggestion by a special government commission that entry qualifications into the civil service be lowered for ethnic groups from Sarawak.

"From the feedback that SDGA (Sarawak Dayak Graduate Association) has received, many Dayak youths have registered their applications online with the Public Service Commission (PSC) for government jobs, and in many instances, a large number of them have never been called for interview in the process," its president Dr.Dusit Jaul said in a statement yesterday (10/09/2012). He also add up that there`s no point talking about lowering the qualification, but what the Dayak community wants is fairness.

(Source: The Sun, 11th Sept 2012-Tues)

#Penemuruai`s comment: Be self-employed minded.

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