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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Amazing Adventure Of Modern Iban Warrior and Poet

Hi everybody!
The Founder of Penemuruai books the Malaysian Writer.

Born into an Iban family in a remote long house in Sarawak, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rizal Abdullah PGB @ Robert Madang Langi was destined to be a modern Iban Warrior.
His whole life was an amazing adventure that is unthinkable and a nightmare to most, even today.

His determination, courage and prowess in the battlefields were the very characteristics that made the Iban warriors second to none. These were the qualities that had made them stood out from the rest.

His autobiography MY ADVENTURE tells about his courageous and amazing adventures in his young life and how he finally joined the Malaysian Rangers and fought the communist terrorists (CTs) in Sarawak and Malaya in the 70s and 80s. For his role in an attack on a CT camp in Sarawak in 1973, he was awarded the nation`s second highest bravery award-the Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB).

My Adventure, Price : RM 45.00 only

He has an ardent interest in poetry writing. In his second book, an anthology, REFLECTIONS OF A SARAWAK POET, AN OFFICER AND GENTLEMAN, he has written a collection of poems about his nostalgic life in the long house, his former school, Tanjong Lobang School in Miri, Sarawak, some aspects of his military career and life in general.

Reflections of a Sarawak Poet, and Officer and a Gentleman, Price : RM35.00 only.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rizal Abdullah PGB diatu agi bedau bercontact enggau aku. Kami duai sama bela bisi ngembuan minat ti sama ianya dalam pengawa nulis. Kami duai pia mega selalu betukar idea, penemu ti baru dalam bidang pengawa nulis. Ngarapka bala blogger ulih meri sukung ti penuh ngagai penulis kitai.

Interested to buy the book? Do contact me :


Best Regard; The Founder of Penemuruai

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Homemade Tongkat Ali coffee (Eurycoma longifolia)

Have you see "3 in 1" Tongkat Ali coffee sachet? Good ehh..
Why don`t you make your own tongkat ali coffee..tea..tec.. Your creativity. Mixed with chicken la..
"Shhh....tongkat ali boleh kasi kuat woo" I heard this conversation when i was at Brickfield. Some of us might know the place but just forget it..disease of soul yea.
Here i have some. Enjoy.
Scientifica name : Eurycoma longifolia
Local name : Tongkat Ali
Popularly used as an aphrodisiac and to treat ompotence and hypertension. Well known for its "inner strengh xxx"...shhh...diam sikit bah.
Method :
1. Boil a few thin slices of the root in water to make drink. The root extremely bitter.
2. You can also mixed it with coffee/tea to reduce the bitter taste. I prefer mixed it with coffee, the ratio 1:10, meaning to say the concentration to put into coffee is less.
3. Apply it only once or twice a week is really good enough. The recent scientific research found that regularly apply it will give kidney failure.
Picture 1 : Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia)
Pciture 2 : Single root-Tongkat Ali
Interested to make homemade tongkat ali coffee?
Best Regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai

Friday, February 20, 2009

Home-made Natural Pesticide

Nowaday, the prices of pesticide getting more higher due to the chemical material. For sure, the impact will go to the farmer. They have to cover the cost of labour and maintenances. How to get the maximum profit by escape buying the pesticide? Here i got some solution to reduce the farmer burden. You can make your own home mada pesticide.
Here are some natural items that you need :
1. Papaya leaves
2. Tabacco leaves
All you need to do is boiled one of the items above until it turn into yellowish colour.
Then you can spray it to your mini farm. Have a try!
Serangga merupakan penyumbang terbesar kerugian kepada petani. Ini bukan kerana petani sahaja tidak dapat membeli racun yang sesuai malah dengan harga yang semakin meningkat. Sebagai alternatif kepada bahan kimia atau racun yang diperlukan oleh petani sebenarnya boleh didapati daripada alam sekitar.
Bahan-bahan Semulajadi :
1. Daun Tembakau
2. Daun Pokok Sentang
3. Daun Betik
4. Daun durian belanda
Proses Penyediaan :
Picture 1 : Pokok Sentang-hanya daun yang digunakan.
Picture 2 : Tabacco leaves
Picture 3 : I have an experiment plot, apply to Kailan vegetables.
1. Sediakan sekurang-kurang nyaa 5kg daun tembakau/etc..dan racikkan sehingga halus.
2. Sediakan 200liter air dan rendamakn daun tersebut yang telah diracik ke dalam air selama 3 hari. Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang baik ialah dengan mendidihkan kandungan tersebut dengan api yang perlahan.
3. Air rendaman tadi haruslah kelihatan kuning dan tapiskan air dengan bahan penyaring.
Proses Penyemburan :
1. Air yang telah disaring tadi boleh disemburkan ke atas permukaan daun tanaman yang dimakan oleh serangga.
2. Tanaman yang telah disembur dengan campuran ini harus dibiarkan terdedah kepada hujan beberapa kali sebelum dipetik atau dimakan.
Best Regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Start Your Project With Mini Coffee Project

I`m back with new category : Agriculture.
I want to share with you all about the coffee that can be planted at Sarawak.
Two main species :
1. Coffee arabica-High land
2. Coffee robusta (kopi java)
3. Coffee liberica (kopi dayak) - can be grown in 1,000ft
Price : Coffee robusta Vs Liberian coffee...the winner is coffee robusta.
Drainage : Must good drainage.
Suggestion planting distances :
10x10ft for robusta coffee = 450 plants per acre
15x15ft for liberica coffee = 200 plants per acre
Shade :
Based on my previous observation, overhead shade needed so that the taste of coffee bean more complex..slurrrpppp...kaw..kopi cap kapal api. Conventional shade trees can be coconuts or bananas.
Maintenance :
Weeding is always practised. Dead weeds should be used as ring-mulch around the plants.
Pruning :
To obtain regularly high yields, we must do the pruning. Two methods of pruning :
1. Single-stem pruning : Apply to Coffee liberica. Only one main stem is permitted.
2. Multi-stem pruning : Apply to Coffee robusta. Three or four main stems are allowed to develop.
This is only first stages in doing coffee project. The next stages will be harvesting and Yields.
I`m going to publish it by next post.

Picture 1 : Coffee arabica

Picture 2 : Coffee arabica

Picture 3 : Coffee arabica.

Picture 4 : Weeding stages.

Picture 5 : Overhead shade for more complexity tastes of coffee beans.
Interested in coffee project?
Best regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Rainforest Blogger Challenge 2009

This is the first ever "Blogger Challenge 2009" introduced by independent blogger-Penemuruai. So, this is interactive category is just for you.

The Rainforest's Blogger Challenge 2009 are diverse. E.g Essay writing, puzzle, artist/celebrity identify, creative thinking and many more! The prizes could be money or gift originally from Ulu Baram. Dare to take Penemuruai challenge? The best among the best will entitle prize/gift from The Founder of Penemuruai.

Theme for February 2009 : The Rainforest's Blogger Challenge 2009.

Task : Penemuruai pay RM..RM..RM..

RM 50.00 for your any stories/article that are original and unpublished. Any topic.
Language : English, Bahasa Melayu and Iban, less than 500 words only.
Due date : 28th February 2009.

Include your full name, address, e-mail and contact number. Penemuruai may edit your stories and use them in all print and electronic media.

Send your stories/article to

Hurry up! Take The Rainforest's Blogger Challenge 2009!

Best Regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ajinomoto Orang Ulu/"Daun Bekai"-Kenyah Language

Hi..i`m back with new plant.
Kenyah tribe called it "Daun Bekai".
They used in cooking, similarly like Ajinomoto... First, they have to dried the leaves direct to sunlight. When it totally dried, they have to crush the leave into small particle. The dried leaves have to keep in the container so that the air won`t degrade its quality.Usually they mixed it with tapioca leaves and young bamboo shoot. Yummie..yummie....

Enti kitai Iban, dikumbai kitai "daun tubu". Nyadi daun tu dijembui ba mata panas sampai ia rangkai kering. Pengudah nya, daun tu disimpan dalam botol awaka ia tan lama. Kati chara nguna ia? Daun tubu tu tadi deka diancur ngena lesung sampai alus. Pengudah nya tau digulai dalam sayur daun ubi tauka tubu. Enti udah dicampur ngau daun tubu/bekai tu, dia daun ubi lebih agi lembut.

Picture 1 : Dried "Daun Bekai"-Kenyah Language

Picture 2 : Semi crush

Picture 3 : Going to crush it again....

Picture 4 : Dried "Daun Bekai"

This is we called the traditional knowledge..


Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai

Valentine Day

I`m just wanna wish Happy Valentine Day war, no crime, everything is no to negative things.
I saw a beautiful valentine card on the blog. Why don`t i put the oldies chinese calendar? Here i have some..don`t laugh yea..hehehe.

Enjoy your Valentine`s Day

Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kenyah Sword Vs Iban Sword : The unique

Still remember the statement "shield without sword is meaningless"? by my last post. Ok, here i got someting to share with you especially the unique sword of Kenyah tribe. Based on my observation, the unique of Kenyah`s sword is one shard side only compared to Iban`s sword. The iban`s sword have both side.
I have an expereinced using kenyah`s sword where it will swing back to you if you can`t control it. Very dangerous for the first timer..anyway practice make perfect!
Tu meh dikumbai urang duku ilang bansa kenyah. Memula aku nemuai kitu sereta merati ke pengidup sida, dia aku lalu bangat alit amai ati meda duku sida bisi sepiak mata ti tajam aja."Kati ngena duku tu?"..nyau berunding dalam ati tudah aku. Nyau kepuas begulai ngau sida di dalam semua pengawa, nemu tudah aku ngena duku bansa nya.
Duku kitai iban bisi dua belah mata ti tajam. Tambah mega ia berat sereta manah kena mutung kayu ti besai. Pemanah duku bansa kenyah ianya nyami lebuh ia diasah ngena batu sungai. Nyadi diatu bisi beda diantara duku kenyah ngau iban...

The different of Kenyah and Iban Sword :
Kenyah`s sword : One side sharp only.
Iban`s sword : Both side sharp.

Photos of Kenyah`s Sword :

Picture : Kenyah`s sword..with small knife

Picture 2 : Kenyah`s sword

Best regard;
The founder of Penemuruai

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rattan Basket/"Selabit Rutan"-Kayan/Kenyah

Hi..i`m back with new handicraft to show with you all.
This is rattan bag, also known as "Selabit"-Kenyah language. Handmade rattan bag..time consuming to do 1 rattan bag, 1 week (estimation) or less. Type of rattan they used was "rutan sega"..can be found near to riverbank. I have some in my house and used it when i`m going to jungle. Just load your stuff into the rattan bag, all you need to to is to cover up the stuff with plastic..etc. By the way, hard to find it at Kuching..

Bakatu meh kena orang ulu ba menua ulu baram ditu. Nyamai amai dikena enti bisi mai utai ti besai, ngambika chunto baka jelu babas, padi, ngau barang ti bukai meh. Keterubah aku masuk ke dalam hutan, bebai ka bagpack tang enda entu nyamai berbanding ngau selabit tu. Mina engkah bagpack nya dalam selabit. Retinya mikul bagpack ngena selabit. Terus terang aku madah..nyamai dikena.

Here the photos :

Picture 1 : Side view

Picture 2 : Front view

Picture 3 : Top view

Picture 4 : Ready to use it!

That`s all for now!

Keep in touch.

Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Motivation/Academic Talk with Kenyah Community

Hi..Welcome to "Talk" category
Last christmas 2008, i have been invited to give a talk more into the life of student in university@motivation@academic. I don`t expected the Kenyah community at Long Selaan to conduct that such of event on Christmas Day. For your information, there are 3 sub-group of Kenyah at Long Selaan, namely- Lepo'Ke, Lepo'Belukun and Lepo'Tepuan. These 3 long houses attend my talk. Huhh..i`m quite nervous that time. Full-pax! I`m just doing this talk for free of charge. At least i`m doing community people alway said "The Unknown Hero'?
Here some photos to share with you all :

Picture 1 : Expression....

Picture 2 : 30 minutes talk with Penemuruai

Nyau kelarau nyawa lebuh maya meri lecture ngagai anembiak sekula ti benung deka ngambi peresa taun baru. Aku ti naka ulih meri sida peransang dalam pengawa bersekula. Madahka duit diatu ukai nyadi penanggul dalam pengawa sekula laban mayuh duit udah disedia bala sida ari ofis pelajar. Awak kena aku bejaku bisi dalam 30 minit, enda berasai nyau ka ambis ga awak aku. Nyadi meri lecture bakatu ti terubah udah diadu bala sida. Ngarapka leka jaku ajar ti udah dipadah aku sarinya nyadika lalau sereta nyadi pengering ngagai sida anembiak sekula.

Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai

Monday, February 9, 2009

Tabacco/ "Pun tembakau"

Ba menua ulu ditu mayuh pun kayu ubat sereta utai ti bukai. Nyadi aku pan bisi berunding deka engkah kategori ti baru ianya-"Plant".

Ngambika ulih ngelala pun kayu sereta ubat ti dikena pupu bansa ba menua ulu ditu, kelebih agi bansa Penan, Kayan/Kenyah, Kelabit.

Ti terubah ia, aku deka mai kitak bekelala ngau pun kayu tembakau, engka bisi sekeda ari kitai enda nemu kati pendiau pun kayu tembakau. Daun tembakau dikena bala sida nginsap.

Sebedau kitai kati cara deka ngadu isap gaga, manah agi enti kitai ngelala pun kayu tembakau tu.
The photos of Tobacco

Picture 1 : The flower of tobacco

Picture 2 : Tabacco Leaves

Picture 3 : Tabacco

Picture 4 : Tabacco

Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai

Fried Tapiocca-

Hi..welcome to Food/Drink category..
Here some photos and recipe to make "Fried Tapiocca"..come on..have a try!
Ingredients :
1. 1kg-Yellow type of Tapiocca.
2. Cooking-oil.
3. 1/2 kg Flour.
4. Sugar-300 grammes (the more you put it..the sweetier it is).
5. Water

Steps :

Picture 1 : Boiled the tapiocca with water until it cooked.

Picture 2 : After that, washed the tapiocca with clean water.

Picture 3 : Smashed the tapiocca

Picture 4 : While smashed the tapiocca, add the flour.

Picture 5 : Ball-shape

Picture 6 : Deep fried with cooking oil

Picture 7 : Look simple but really good!
Apa tunggu lagi..boleh cuba saja. Kos untuk membeli barang-barang tersebut tidak sampai RM20.00.. Kuih ini amat sesuai semasa ekonomi merundum. Cubala resepi ini yea..
Once you have tried it, do let me know yea!
Best regard;
The Founder of Penemuruai

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recommended Books by Penemuruai

Here i got some books that everyone should read it. The books cover more on cheating and avoiding scams. Cheating&scams happened almost can saw it in the newspaper/internet, etc. Don`t let it happend to you.
The conmen artist is targeting pensioner nowadays. Why? --EPF, ASB, Insurance. Short cut money bah..I bought the books at MPHBookstore, tHe Spring supermall, Kuching.

Picture 1 : The Art of Cheating-Author Jessica Dorfman Jones
"Who says you should always the truth? With this handy informational guidebook you can con your way through life-from finessing your resume, to lying about your age, to getting date. Whether you`ve decided to cheat out of sheer desperation or need to get ahead. The art of Cheating provides essential tips and guidelines for how to be the ultimate swindler, and how to spot the con artists among us. you`ll learn what it takes to be great cheater, and the pros and cons to every swindle. As a newly minted master of deception, you`ll be able to cheat...:"
-Author Jessica dorfman Jones-

Picture 2 : The Truth about-Avoiding Scams, author Steve Weisman

"Author-Steve Weisman hosts the nationally syndicated radio show A Touch of Grey, heard on 50 stations, including NYC`s legendary WABC and KRLA Los Angeles. Weisman has earned a Certificate of Merit for legal journalism from the American Bar Association. His books include 50 ways to Protect Your Identity and Your Credit and Boomer or Bust"

Ulih baca bup tu, manah kena nambahka penemu baru. Ukai nama aku madah bekenya laban dunya diatu udah bebali. Nyadi mesti nyaga pengelikun diri. Kelebih agi ngagai anembiak ti baru abis sekula ba palan pelajar tinggi. Lebuh maya kitai memula kereja, mayuh utai enda temu kitai, lalu lebuh maya nya meh orang ti deka ngulih penguntung ari kitai..ngambika chunto nipu ari segi cara bekereja ngau mayuh utai agi.

So, good books for those after graduate and preparation for carrier life.

Best regard;

The founder of Penemuruai

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Making of Shield-"The Broken shield"?

Hi..welcome back!
How is your day?
Have you all read the book title "The Broken Shield"?-author by Joseph Tawie.
Yea..everybody should read it. I must get the book, can i have one, Mr Joseph Tawie?, if you don`t mind..(joking yea..) I`ll get the book when i`m at the town.

Here at Ulu, i have a best friend name Mr Laing Imang (Asst. Forester). He is good in the making of shield, other language "Kelempit/kelebit"-kayan kenyah language. The purposed of the shield is to protect you from the attacking of the enemies. Sword without shield is meaningless..
Here i some photos to share with you all, enjoy!

Picture 1 : Designing the shield/"kelebit @ kelempit"

Picture 2 : 1,2, Take your time brother..

Picture 3 : Front design

Picture 4: Back Design

Rindu meda pengawa alus bakatu. Pengelama ngukir siti terabi ianya lebih kurang 2-3 hari. Kelebat agi kayuh diguna kena ngaga terabai ianya, kayu pelai. Kayu lembut sereta putih enti udah diansar enggau kertas pasir.Ngarapka kitak bisi bulih penemu baru ari aku. Betemu baru kitai ngau cerita ti bukai...

Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai

Friday, February 6, 2009

Kenyah Beads/"Ino pu`un"-Kenyah Language

Welcome back to Category of Arts/Craft.
Here i have some Kenyah beads, they called it "Ino pu`un"-kenyah language.
Last November 2008, i have a trip to Long Banga (Saben Community), their language is most likely kenyah-sub Ngorek. Kenyah community get to used this beads during special ocassion. E.g..Christmas, Birthday party, etc..
Hey..nice to look yea.
Here some pics to share with you all :

Picture 1 : Kenyah beads/ "Ino pu`un" (Kenyah language).

Picture 2 : Zoom-in..

Manik ini merupakan satu perhiasaan untuk suku kaum kenyah. Namun demikian, suku kaum seperti Kayan, Lun Bawang, Kelabit, Penan juga menggunakan manik untuk tujuan yang sama juga.

Kebiasaanya, manik ini akan dipakai untuk majlis keramaian. Kira macam accessories la. Unik juga..ditambah pula dengan tattoo di tangan serta telinga yang panjang. Semasa saya ke Long Banga pada bulan November 2008 lepas, saya sempat membeli manik untuk perhiasaan. Jarang-jarang juga menjumpai barang seperti ini. Saya pernah melihat manik ini dijual di kedai kraftangan dengan harga yang mahal, lebih kurang RM80.00..boleh tahan juga.

That`s all for now..


Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Terung Asam Sarawak"/Borneo Sour Egg Plant- Should We Commercialized It?

Picture 1 : "Terung Asam Sarawak"/Borneo Sour Egg Plant-Green colour, unripen fruit. Yellow colour, ripen fruit.
Have you taste this plant? You cannot eat it have to cook it first.`s really sour and good to mix up with spicy chicken/other meat soup. I`m still remembered during my studying time at UPM, Serdang, Selangor. You can imagine i brought 1 full box of "terung asam sarawak" to Semenanjung and finished in one day.
For those who are really want to taste the terung asam come to sarawak. No problem, i can simply cook it for you. Tiada hal bah tu.
Jadi, saya pun berfikir kalau terung asam ini boleh dikormesialkan. Ini satu peluang perniagaan dalam pertanian untuk bumiputera Sarawak/Sabah. Cuba kita perhatikan masakan tomyam, untuk mendapatkan rasa masam pada sup tersebut perlu ditambahkan tomato. Dari aspek harga tomato dalam perniagaan makanan, agak mahal lagipun tidak tahan lama. Cuba bandingkan dengan terung asam sarawak, sudah pasti dapat bertahan lama di dalam peti sejuk lagipun dapat menghasilkan rasa lebih masam.

Melalui perhatian saya, suku kaum kenyah di sini banyak menanam buah terung asam sarawak tetapi hanya untuk kegunaan isi keluarga sahaja. Bayangkan sahaja pemborong membeli daripada mereka dengan harga terendah, RM1.00/kg. Mahu tidak mahu..terpaksa jual juga sebab memerlukan duit untuk membeli minyak untuk generator rumah dan juga benda-benda lain. The life here really find food, no problem, but the money is another question. Apabila si pemborong menjual terung asam ini di pasar basah, harganya melonjak sehingga RM6.00/kg. Cuba anda bayangkan keuntungan yang diperolehi?

Picture 2 : Two terung asam sarawak-nearly to 1kg

In the other word, Borneo sour egg plant/Terung Asam Sarawak can be easily commercialized. Just try and error. For me, doing slash and burn agriculture-for paddy, is not really making profit. We can make shifting agriculture but not in a big scale. You got what i mean? The more bigger of your paddy field, the higher cost you have to cover up. You have to consider the time consuming and costing. Just a simple calculation, you have to buy mixed benzine to run your chain-saw, labour cost for those only 1 child. Do you know how much the cost of mixed benzine at Ulu Baram here? It is RM3.20/litre!

Pada artikel seterusnya, saya akan mendedahkan perbandingan kos/kelebihan/kekurangan penanaman padi dengan terung asam sarawak.

Need your feedback on "terung asam sarawak" . Technical/technology solution..


Best Regard;

The Founder of Penemuruai


Early in the morning, my best friend "Berawan Traveller" calling me for BBQ wildboar. I`m wondering..why it is too early to roast the wildboar? He said, our worker Penan (race) got it by yesterday night. The wildboar encroach the paddy field (huma bukit). The weight of the wildboar is estimated 50kg.
Kalau dah menceroboh kawasan tanaman padi..apalagi, memang bantai dengan senapang patah la... Big woo...
My colleuge, he`s a Penan community, very talented in hunting. Congratulation to him! Bravo!
Here the picture to share :

Picture 1 : He`s the one who got the wildboar! Very talented Penan

Picture 2 : He`s "The Berawan Traveller"-BBQ the wildboar. He good in cooking..etc.

Picture 3 : Dry..dry BBQ-wildboar

Picture 4 : Zoom-in, BBQ-wildboar

Macam ni la kehidupan di Ulu sini. Masuk kadang kambing, mengembek..kalau masuk kadang lembu..mengembu juga la..

We have to follow the culture. Simple as that. One of the best skill to get closed with people is to make people laugh. Am i right or not?


Best Regard;

The founder of Penemuruai